Bulk Water

Free State Metals render the service of providing clean lab-certified bulk borehole water to residents and businesses in the Mangaung Metropolitan and surrounding area.

Our mission is to supply water to residential, commercial and industrial areas that have or are currently affected by water shortages or low water pressure. We deliver 1,000 to 10,000-liter by our tanker trucks right to you.

Our water can be utilized as follows

  • Filling of swimming pools
  • Ablution & sanitary purposes
  • Cleaning and washing
  • Running of restaurant kitchens
  • Gardening
  • Other business uses

Our service expands to the hiring of 5,000-liter industrial tankers fitted into a container chassis which can be placed at your business or building site. Rented tanks will be filled on demand by our mobile water tanker service.


All bulk water supplied by us is treated by the Grander method.